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A brazen thief has been caught on CCTV as he uses nitroglycerin to blast his way into a cash machine. The attack was documented by a bond camera in an ATM doorway in Ponta Grossa, Brazil on Wednesday. In the video, a man draining a white hooded jumper and bear a black bag access the […]

This strange dome-shaped object was spotted by a passersby who noticed it hovering in the sky. Denis Deco grabbed his Nikon camera and used it on maximum zoom to capture the unusual sight back in June. The footage was released on to the internet yesterday and has since had hundreds of views. Umbrella shaped UFO […]

Diver faces deadly 8ft anaconda as she explores underwater cave system

Posted: 30th September 2015 by Absurd Stories in Animals
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An charlatan diced with death when she dived into a cave system in search of an immersed cave monster. Diver Karina Oliani detected the eight metre anaconda, which coils around prey and crushes it to death, after a four-day quest. The alarming snake was one of the biggest ever bear immersed, balancing an approximated 63 […]

How to get your teenager to put down their mobile phone

Posted: 25th September 2015 by Absurd Stories in Children
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Anybody knows juvenile are absorbed to their smartphones. But if you’re looking for a way to get them to put down their devices having the phone surgically removed from their fingertips), then this video might just have the answer. And all you need is a especially wriggly lizard. Surprise: This lizard is a sure fire […]

There’s nothing like a trip to the barber for a coddle session to relax you – chiefly when you’re heavily pregnant. And it seems that a good shampoo doesn’t just do wonders for mum, if this video is all to go by. Footage of a abundant woman having her hair washed in Brazil was posted […]

A man who opened a package at his new address was left wishing he hadn’t when he found a large Tarantula inside. The letter was forward ‘return to sender’ and accommodate a Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater, the third largest spider in the world. Postage dates on the parcel showed it had been unopened for three […]

Could cancer be cured with a Wasp Sting

Posted: 2nd September 2015 by Absurd Stories in Animals
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A wasps sting could help create new fast acting cancer busting drugs. The venom is found in the social wasp Polybia paulista which assure itself against carnivore by generating venom. The toxin known as MP1 Polybia-MP1 collaborate with lipids that are individually appropriated on the surface of cancer cells, build gaping holes within seconds that […]