Avatar Baby – Avatarina

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This has to be the coolest Avatar product to hit the market since the release of the movie, Avatarina is a Silicone baby made to move and feel exactly like a real baby, apparently the cost of the Avatar Baby – Avatarina is said to be in excess of $1,000.  We are not yet sure how many of these little babies will be released or even when they will be available for purchase.

If you are an Avatar fan than this product is sure to excite your imagination.Avatar Baby Avantar

Robot Sucks Up Woman’s Hair

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skoreavacuumhairRetaining cleanliness inside her home and beginning with her dusty carpets turned into a nightmare for one homeowners. Keeping your carpets’ cleanliness in check isn’t a particularly tough task, and it is something that can usually be achieved by anyone in one sessions. You just need to know the right strategies for cleaning a carpet with a robot vacuum and that is not to fall asleep on the carpet. In fact you shouldn’t fall asleep when there is a robot vacuum in the room because you don’t want to fall into its hands like this 52 year old woman.

1000The woman from Changwon city in South Korea had to call emergency services when 5cm of her hair was suctioned up by the machine, causing all her and the vacuum to come to a standstill.

The woman, who will remain unnamed alerted firefighters who responding to her pleas for help and they were able to free her. Fortunately the dazed woman suffered no injuries except a bruised ego when images of her on the floor started emerging.

One can only hope that next time she decides to take a nap while vacuuming, she’ll have the common sense to switch the programmable machine off first before taking a nap.

Intoxicated Silverback Gorilla 5While a trip into the forests of the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda in Africa may be on everyone’s bucket list, for one terrified photographer, Christophe Courteau, 46, the dream became a nightmare. The amazing thing is that Christophe managed to capture the most captivating picture of the drunk gorilla just moments before the 250kg gorilla struck out at Christophe’s face.

Intoxicated Silverback Gorilla 4The huge Silverback Akarevuro was behaving in the way of typical brawlers in a bar. He had apparently become intoxicated from eating fermenting bamboo stems and when he spotted the camera he became angry.

The spectacular 250kg Silverback clenched his fist tightly before taking the photographer on. Christophe, who hails from France, said that in fact, the entire group of gorillas were in an agitated state on the particular day. This was attributed to their consumption of the bamboo stems. These stems cause the gorillas to become excitable and intoxicated.
Intoxicated Silverback Gorilla 3The agitated Silverback suddenly ran at Christophe, who was taken off guard while photographing on his knees. In a few seconds, the magnificent beast was on him, throwing a punch at his face before shoving Christophe aside in disdain.

Intoxicated Silverback GorillaThe gorilla then thundered away into the vegetation to chase away another male gorilla who was paying to much attention to his female harem.

Human-faced piglet grows a penis out of its forehead

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pig-with-human-face-penis-head-557129Online viewers went berserk over pictures released of the runt of a pig litter, whose face had absurd features. The piglet was one of the last to be born in a litter of 19, and was left with some interesting features on its face.

The deformed runt is said to have a human face and a penis growing out of its forehead. Pictures were posted online and immediately went viral. Viewers wanted to see this unusual piglet and even started a bidding war for it. The 40-year-old farmer became overwhelmed with offers of insane amounts of cash for the oddity.

People from everywhere rushed to Tao Lu’s farm to catch a glimpse of this mutant babe. Lu’s property lies in the Yanan township in the city of Nanning, China. This small-time farmer quickly became big news as local newspapers started to decend upon this bizarre story. pig penis headNewspaper pictures led several potential buyers to put in bids for the animal. These bids were sizable amounts, and Tao stated that the offers for the one piglet was more than he would get for the entire pig family. Unfortunately, the newly famous animal died after the mother rejected it, and it subsequently refused to be bottle-fed. The farmer still plans to put the pig on display as a tourist attraction, even though he was unable to sell it before it died. One visitor saw the pig and was utterly amazed. Wu Kung, 32, saw the newborn and confirmed that the pig really did have a human face and a penis growing out of its forehead.

Aliens attack policeman

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Police vehicles in the US are equipped with dash cameras. This helps keep documentation of any events that happen during the officer’s workday. Police have a pretty tough job. They fight crime, catch lawbreakers, keep our streets safe, and now – they battle aliens. There has been recent footage running on YouTube that could show an officer being attacked by aliens.

The video shows the officer making a traffic stop around 1:30 am. He approached the car to inspect the situation, and asked the driver for his license and registration. Then the video gets weird. The officer starts to change his body language; he looks confused and concerned. Suddenly it appears as though a blindingly bright light consumes the officer. It is unclear as to what exactly happens to the officer, but there is a lot of light and smoke around where the officer was standing. To some it seems that the officer has merely fallen to the ground, and is hopefully okay. Yet others believe that the bright light disintegrated the officer. The car sped away, and it is uncertain if the car or driver were ever found.

YouTube users have analyzed the video. One user felt that the police officer was almost going for his gun when he first approached the car. The website beforeitsnews.com feels that this is evidence to show of alien activity in the US. You can watch the video and make your own assumptions.

Can a Jamie Oliver Recipe land you the perfect job?

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leo1There is an old saying, “the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” but can it also be applied to other areas of life? What about when applying for a job? One Scottish teenager absent-mindedly decided to test out this theory when applying for a job recently.

Heather McNab from Bridge of Allan, had been looking for jobs and for one position as a letting and sales negotiator, she accidentally sent a recipe for Jamie Oliver’s beef chili instead of her CV. The 18-year-old was completely embarrassed when the prospective employer pointed out her mistake via email. The teen decided to tweet her blunder anyway, which has now been retweeted over 6,000 times.

Followers were surprisingly supportive of her innocent mistake, which has made the teen feel more at ease about her gaffe. In a recent Buzzfeed interview, Heather stated that people were telling her how this made their day and that they have never laughed so much in their life, which made her feel comforted. She also said, ‘There’s a lot of people saying things like “you should have got the job if you promised to make the chili” and if only they were right, because I’m starting to believe they may not see me as a viable candidate now.’

A Yellow House!!! Need we say more?

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Edwardo-VareseGreenock, Inverclyde is a very neat, tidy and conservative area. One community in particular prides itself on being a conservation of Historic Scotland. So when Edwardo Varese and his brother, Stefano, decided to paint their house bright yellow, it has driven the entire town to chaos. The Varese family has been ordered by council members to change the color of the house. Apparently, this decision surfaced after a surge of grievances from local community members and neighbors.

The bright, cheery yellow color of the house goes against the community’s development plans. The properties of this area take guidance from Historic Scotland, and a previous planning report stated that house colors are required “to be derived from soft, pastel hues found in traditional limewashing which are appropriate to the period of the buildings.”

Edwardo-Varese2The Varese family spent £3,000 to paint the house yellow, and now, after long proceedings and court hearings, they are being forced to change the color. Edwardo stated that this foolish ordeal has put a lot of stress on the family, especially his elderly parents, Adriano and Edilia. Word of this fiasco has hit the web, and thousands of backers have rallied to voice their opinions and show support. The supporters have their own Facebook page to quickly communicate their feelings on the matter, as one member stated that it brightened up a dreary town. The Varese brothers are remaining steadfast and have decided to fight the decision until they get to keep their jovial house color.